Volunteer Appreciation and Training (Monterey Bay)

Happy October, beach enthusiasts!

This month we gathered to celebrate the BeachCOMBERS volunteers of the northern management section of our program. After some food, drink, and lively conversation we took a look at the some of the data that volunteers worked so hard to collect this year

In case you missed the presentation, scroll down to check out a few summary figures comparing the data collected on four major species – Brandt’s Cormorants (BRAC), Common Murres (COMU), Sooty Shearwaters (SOSH), and California sea lions (ZACA) – over the past 19 years.

screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-3-19-25-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-3-19-34-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-3-19-42-pm screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-3-19-49-pm

If you are interested in collaborating with BeachCOMBERS, you are invited to send data requests to beachcombersmb@gmail.com.

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